Unpacked 2019: Every Galaxy Phone and Device Samsung Showed

It’s the 10-year anniversary of Samsung’s Galaxy phone, a line of devices that made phablets cool, survived baptism by fire, and turned Samsung into a leader in the mobile phone market. Today, at an event in San Francisco, the company showed how it plans to push its smartphones into the next decade—and into another dimension. The vision includes 5G, folding displays, and a brand new line of Galaxy phones filled with flashy features.

For Samsung, this isn’t just another product showcase. It’s the company’s pitch for “the next era of mobile innovation,” as D. J. Koh, CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, put it onstage today. Samsung wants you to buy its latest hardware, but it also needs you to buy into its vision for the future, so you’ll keep returning to the ecosystem of Galaxy products for years to come.

If you missed the event, you can watch the entire thing here—or read on for the TL;DR of everything Samsung announced today.

Next-Generation Galaxy Phones


It wouldn’t be a Galaxy birthday party without showing off a few new flagship phones. The brand-new Galaxy S10 pushes the line forward with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, a trio of rear cameras, and an “Infinity O” display, which replaces the wide cutout at the top of the phone with an elegant hole-punch display. It has its own neural processing unit, smarter Wi-Fi capabilities, and—weirdly—can even act like a wireless charging pad for your other devices. If you buy into Samsung’s pitch, this is the phone you’ll use to capture professional-grade photography, record TV-worthy video, and power your most complex AI tasks.

Of course, you’ll pay for the privilege. The new lineup includes the Galaxy S10, the larger Galaxy S10 Plus, and the Galaxy S10e, a slightly more affordable version that knocks off a few of the premium features. There’s also an S10 model that will ship later this year and will work on next-generation 5G wireless networks. (More on that later.) The “cheap” S10e starts at $750, while the S10 costs $900 and the larger S10 Plus starts at $1,000. Each of the new phones will be available to preorder starting today.

Does That Phone Fold Up?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If the Galaxy S10 line feel a little too rank-and-file, you’re in luck. Samsung also introduced the Galaxy Fold, the manifestation of the folding-phone dream it’s held onto for years. When closed, the Fold looks like your standard handset with a 4.6-inch screen. Open it up and it turns into a tablet-size device with a 7.3-inch display. Samsung imagines you’ll use this to watch YouTube videos on your commute into work, or multitask with several apps at once, then fold it up to text your friends and slip it comfortably into your pocket.

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